Melvin & Hamilton bridges tradition and innovation with Certirex

Talking with Karim Choukair,  CEO and Founder of Melvin & Hamilton.


Melvin and Hamilton is a pioneer brand in creating durable shoes that are in harmony with manufacturing traditions as well as with trends and modern comfort.




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Sometimes consumers need that extra little argument to help them comparing their expectations with what the brand and product has to offer.

Even though it is nearly impossible to overlook Melvin & Hamiltons products due to their finishes, such as the shades in two tones, darker shoenoses, and the unique colouring of each model, it is necessary to communicate all unique selling points of our products to consumers in an easy accessible manner directly at the product.  

During the pandemic with a lot of stores closed and big lacks of personal contacts, it was also important for Melvin & Hamilton to stay in touch with its  business partners. When all fairs are postponed and a major part of your brand depends on retailers, it’s a big challenge for everyone involved. 

"Changing expectations of consumers and retailers are a big challenge but they also continue to create new opportunities for true brand differentiation in a highly competitive market."

Karim Choukair

Founder and CEO, Melvin & Hamilton


We pursued the goal to make their recognizable products even more recognizable. In the age of sustainability we decided to specifically point out the attributes of Melvin & Hamiltons vegetable tanned leather. When consumers wants to educate themselves in mobile i-want-to-know moments in front of a retailer shelf, they can now simply read the tongue of the shoe to receive tons of informations about the whole vegetable tanning process and its environmental advantages. Furthermore they receive a detailed explanation about the whole production process and the craftmanship behind it.

Ahead of one of the few retail fairs for shoes that occured in the first quarter of 2021 – Gallery SHOES, we designed a digital lookbook for Melvin & Hamilton’s new fall-winter collection 2021/2022.

The lookbook serves as a teaser of the upcoming new models from Melvin & Hamilton. With an NFC Tag embedded into key rings of the brand, every retail agent can access the lookbook in a contactless way with his mobile phone and pre-order the models of his interest for the next season.

"Certirex helped us to improve our engagement with partners, retailers and consumers in an effortless and highly effective way."

Karim Choukair

Founder and CEO, Melvin & Hamilton